Without volunteers, our countryside Projects would not be able to achieve the huge variety of tasks undertaken on behalf of our funding partners. Over the years, volunteers have dug, planted, hammered, sown, restored, created and cleared miles of Surrey’s countryside. This doesn’t take account of our office volunteers who have assisted with production of newsletters, amongst other valuable office-based tasks.

Some of our tasks are very specific and require machinery and contractors to carry them out. This is particularly the case with the Heathland Project in carrying out heathland restoration using the Heritage Lottery Fund grant they received. Handling of livestock is also generally carried out by Surrey’s Project staff.

There are many benefits to be considered by volunteering for countryside work. There is always a sense of satisfaction at what has been achieved, plenty of fresh air, a way of gaining new skills and a level of fitness, not to mention a chance to meet with other like-minded people.

So, if you have some time to spare, however little, please consider making contact with us. You will see from the map on our home page where each Project is located within the county. Please access our Volunteering form going directly to each Project, or access the Blackwater Valley volunteering links via their own website.

Did you know that Surrey County Council allocates its staff two days per annum (outside of annual leave) to volunteer with many varied organisations, including the Countryside Management Projects?

Over the first 20 years of the project approach to countryside management in Surrey and surrounding areas, more than 396,000 hours of work were contributed by volunteers – a staggering amount. So, this is an opportunity to say a big "THANK YOU" to all those who do volunteer for us on a regular basis. We’ll keep on supplying you with tea, biscuits and a friendly face if you keep on turning up.



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